My Top 3 Stretches For Runners

I’m happy to say that I am about 80% finished with my Christmas shopping! Yahoo! All that’s left is stocking stuffers for my hubby.  I actually enjoy shopping for these b/c I can buy weird random gifts and it’s okay. The fun part is just laughing at what we buy each other 🙂  I think I’ll be perusing the Rite-Aid “Made on tv” section to find some goodies.

We decided that on Christmas day we are going to go to Disneyland!  So excited!  We are celebrating Xmas with our families the weekend after,  so we wanted to go do something a little different and special on Christmas Day. My husband has actually never been to Disneyland (I know, sad right?), so he’s pretty pumped.  I have a feeling this will be the beginning of many trips to Disney. The last time I went I think I was 10, so I’m looking forward to seeing it as an adult.  I don’t even know what rides are the cool ones……but I for sure want to go on Splash Mountain! Ha.




Onto the fitness portion of my post! Stretching. Something that I neglect too, so it’s a good reminder even for me. 🙂

*Keep in mind that maintaining and/or improving flexibility, increasing core and lower body strength can all help to reduce your risk of injury or experiencing an injury due to running.  Current research recommends static stretching at the  end of your workout. When stretching ,ease gently into the stretch and hold for 30 seconds.

There are other muscles to be stretched after running (like the quads and calves), but today I wanted to review the muscle groups that sometimes get neglected.


While lying on your back, place a rope/towel around your foot and pull your leg up keeping your knee straight.  Try to pull your toes towards your face.



Lay on your back, with knees bent and place one foot on top of the opposite knee. Reach your hands through and pull back on your bottom leg. Push your top knee away from your body. You will feel the stretch in the glutes of your top leg.


Hip Flexors

Place your knee on the ground, slightly behind your body.  The other leg is bent in a “lunge” position with knee stacked on top of ankle.  Lean forward and tuck your pelvis under, while maintaining proper upright posture (abs tight, torso facing forward).  You will feel a stretch in the front of the hip/thigh of the back leg.



In other random news, tonight is the season finale of Homeland, I’m so excited and so sad at the same time.  I’m slightly obsessed with this show and look forward to Sundays mostly so that I can watch it.  I don’t want to say much to ruin it for people, but it’s basically about an American solider, Brody, (Damien Lewis) who was a POW for years, is found and comes back to the US.  Claire Danes’ character is a CIA agent suspicious of Brody and thinks he’s been turned against the US. If you like suspenseful shows that make you think, check it out. Ahhh I’m so excited to watch it tonight!!!


Where do you shop for stocking stuffers?

What are your go-to stretches after running? 


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