Winter Fit Workout

Hi Blogger Friends!

The weekend is coming to an end and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet! Eek.  I was hoping to get some done this weekend, but it did not happen.  I got my nails done with my girlfriends instead, lol.

I’m going to try to research ideas online (Amazon & Nordstrom?) tonight, hoping I can channel my inner creativity.  Usually I have some idea of what I’m buying people, but this year I don’t and it’s just coming up so fast. Waaa.  The busy crowds deter me from heading to the malls, so online shopping suits me perfectly.  Sigh………………..I still have a few weeks to figure it all out………..




I haven’t created a new workout in awhile, so I was excited to write one this weekend.  This is another one of my at-home circuits.  You’ll need a mat, a light set of dumbbells (3-5#), a stopwatch, and water.


Quick Form Tips For the Unique Exercises in the Circuit 🙂

Long Sit Ups is another term for v-ups.

Plie Squats- Make sure feet are wider than hip width with toes pointed out, keep knees in line with 2nd toe, not dipping inward.

Squat Jumps: Jump squat rotating clockwise a 1/4 (45 degrees), jump squat back to starting position, then jump counterclockwise another 45 degrees. Repeat! Hope that one makes sense, lol.

Arm Punches: Perform one arm at a time, punching straight forward at shoulder height. Repeat on opposite side.

Anyone started or finished your Christmas Shopping yet?

Where are your favorite places to shop for gifts?

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone!


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