Me Time

It’s been awhile blogger friends! For some reason it’s been a busier week for me, nothing super eventful to share, I just feel like I haven’t had much time to sit down and write 🙂

This weekend I had a surprise visit from a friend from College that was competing in a bike race down here in LA.  I picked her up from the airport on Saturday morning and was able to spend some time with her before she left for her races.  We grabbed coffee and I of course took her down to Manhattan Beach.   It was a cloudy day, but I think the beach still looks perfect.

Oh and surprise: Free Parking for 2 hours down near the Beach.  Score!



Saturday night I had some wonderful “me time.”  The hubby went to a basketball game with a buddy, and instead of making plans with my girlfriends I decided to just hang out with myself. 🙂

First things first: I got a 90 minute massage.  SO wonderful.  I haven’t had a massage in about a year, which is so bad because of how active I am.  I almost fell over when I first stood up because my legs felt so relaxed.  I’m hoping my muscles to hate me anymore.

I went back home and downloaded some episodes from season 1 of Girls. I’m obsessed with this show. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do.  I’d compare it to a younger version of Sex and the City, expect swapping a martini for a Bud light.  It’s hilarious.  Not many shows make me laugh out loud, but this one does.  My husband even likes to watch this show with me, and he usually doesn’t like any of my “girly shows.” (Bachelor, Real Housewives…..still don’t understand why but that’s besides the point) 🙂


Season 2 is coming out this January, so if you haven’t seen it yet you still have time to catch up!

This morning I went to my Bar Method class and it was killer.  I’m already starting to feel my legs getting sore.  Such a good feeling.

Well I’m going to put the computer away and cheer on the Cowboys for my husband the rest of the evening 🙂 I’m hoping to share a new workout with you all later this week….stay tuned and be excited as always !




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