Powered By Bits

I hope everyone has had a great long weekend so far!  Thanksgiving day was pretty perfect- worked out, ate A LOT of food, watched football, and fell asleep at 10pm, ha!  We have plenty of leftovers for the next few days, which sometimes I love more than the actual meal. 🙂 Oh, and we still have a whole un-eaten pumpkin pie…..yum….I see some more burpees in my future 🙂

I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping because I actually had to work! Boo.  Luckily, it was only until 4pm, instead of 6pm.  It wasn’t too bad once I was there, but was hard to focus knowing my hubby was at home watching football on the couch.  All the patients that came in were super chill and relaxed, which made it fun. (as fun as it can be 🙂 ).


I’m very excited to share my first product review today!

It’s also even more exciting because I adore the product. I present to you: ENERGY BITS!

I heard about “Energy Bits” through Twitter and read some good reiews about them from other bloggers.  At first, I was turned off because I’m starting to get sick of the whole “energy craze”- 5 hour energies, rockstars, bleh.  I assumed it was the same as all these other products out right now.  I’m not a fan of most energy drinks or chews because they usually just taste gross or like sugar.   I read that these little bits were actually algae and that grabbed my attention.

They are 100% organically grown, pure, and contain no sugar, caffeine, and additives. Score! They are  pure spirulina algae that has 64% of protein, which is amazing.  Spirulina actually has the highest concentration of protien in the world! (3x as much as steak) They are also not a supplement  but actually food- 1 calorie per bit.  They claim to naturally boost your energy without the “sugar crash.” Hmm, okay still listening…..

There are 4 types of bits depending on what effect you are going for: Recovery Bits, Energy Bits, Vitatilty Bits, and Skinny Bits.  The energy bits are right up my alley as they focus on boosting mental and physical energy, as well as endurance.  I tried them before a run this morning and was pleasently surprised at how great I felt….my 30 minute run turned into a 40 minute run.  It’s been a couple hours after I took them and I’m still feeling pretty good.  I typically reword myself with a starbucks drink after my weekend runs, but I really don’t feel like I need that extra caffiene boost.  (I’ll report back next week how I feel the rest of the day)

My only gripe is that you are suggested to swallow 30 bits per serving.  I’m a weenie when it comes to swallowing pills, so that’s just me complaining.  But they are actually very tiny and easy to swallow.  I’ll get used to it…… 🙂 It’s suggested to either swallow or chew the bits.  I would suggest to swallow them, if you are adventurous go chewing them, but that’s not me.


Please read their website for more information and links to research.

(*I was not compensated to write this review and all opinions are my own)

I’m curious to hear if you have tried these energy bits and what you all think about them- please share!  Off to watch some college football with the hubby (I think I say this every saturday, lol).

Have you been powered by bits?

What do you turn to for a boost of energy?


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