Fit For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger Friends!!

I hope everyone has a great day spending time with your loved ones relaxing and enjoying some good food! 🙂   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- I love eating (ha), watching football, and just hanging out with family.  Ahhh it sounds so nice.

I am a big advocate for indulging and enjoying life, so I’m definitely going to enjoy all the awesome  Thanksgiving food that is out there (stuffing is my personal favorite).  At the same time though, I still want to do something good for my body.  So, I wanted to share an at home workout that is only 15 minutes!  No excuse to skip a workout before or on the big Turkey Day!

Perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat circuits 2-3x. Take a 30 second break in between each circuit. For the last exercise: jumping jacks- perform for 2 minutes.

Crazy me: I signed up for my Bar Method class Thanksgiving morning.  Yikes. I’m actually still sore from class on Tuesday night, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely earning my turkey this year! 🙂

Gobble Gobble!

Are you getting any workouts in before or on Thanksgiving day?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?


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