The Sweaty At-Home Boot Camp

Man, I wish every weekend we could get an extra hour.  I completely forgot about daylight savings until Saturday night.  I didn’t do anything super exciting with my extra hour: I slept in. I needed it and I feel great today.

Backtracking, on Saturday morning I did a 5 mile run along Manhattan Beach….such a perfect way to start the weekend.  I really think that Saturday is my favorite day for a long run.  I love seeing people walking around getting coffee, sitting down eating brunch, walking and running.  Oh and I also could sit for hours watching the surfers. So cool.  I wish I knew how to surf.  Maybe that should be added to my bucket list? Hmm.

Saturday afternoon the hubby went to a football game with some friends, so I had a “Me Day.”  Started off with lunch and shopping with a girlfriend,  caught up on some blog reading, read  skimmed through some trashy magazines, painted my nails, and watched a chick flick.  I downloaded 27 Dresses, haven’t seen this movie since it was out in the theater. So cheesy but yet so awesome.


And Cosmo? Lol, I can’t believe I bought this.  I haven’t read Cosmo since I was in college, and it hasn’t changed one bit.


Onto the WORKOUT!

Here’s another quick at-home booty camp workout I created…..all exercises use only your body weight, so no equipment is needed.  It’s quick, but it’ll definitely get your heart pumping.

Repeat this Workout Twice.  Take a water break in between sets. 

And you know any workout that includes 80 Burpees must be pretty awesome, right?  If you are hard core, try repeating this workout 3x through. I dare you! 🙂 I’m going to do this one when I’m watching football with the hubby tonight. (I get super antsy sitting for over 3 hours, so this should be a good substitute)

Quick Form Tips

Lunge kicks:  Perform a backwards lunge  in front of you as it comes forward.

Plie Squat:  Stand with feet wider than hip width apart and feet pointed out at a 45 degree angle, keep knees in line with ankles.

Let me know what you think!


What did you do with the extra hour this weekend?

What’s your ideal “ME Day?”

Later Blogger Friends!



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