Calm Your Mind

If you are anything like me, your mind is always going a mile a minute.  I feel like my brain hasn’t taken a break at all this week for some reason.  I even tried to sit down and blog last night, but couldn’t focus on what I wanted to write about.  I need a turn off switch once in a while.  I tend to worry and stress about unnecessary things like:

  • Will I want to be doing the same job in 5 or 20 years?
  • Should I try a different career?
  • Should we look into buying a house and stay in California?
  • Should we try to move somewhere else?
  • When are we going to start a family?

Ahhh, it stresses me out just seeing that written down!! I’m a big planner, so uncertainty is hard for me.  I’m slowly learning to stay in the moment and appreciate it for what it is.  Sometimes I wish there was something that would tell me what direction to go.

I wasn’t planning on working out tonight, but I needed to run and relax my mind.  It was one of those runs where I felt like I could keep going and going, I love that!  Now, I’m happily on the couch and in sweatpants. 🙂

I found these little quotes while browsing on Pinterest, and they have quieted my mind for tonight at least.


Do you worry a lot?

What helps you to calm your mind?


4 thoughts on “Calm Your Mind

  1. Brittany

    Well, I just wrote a post about this not too long ago too! So you know that I worry! like all the time!! My most recent strategy is listening to my relaxation station on iheartreadio!! It helps me to relax a little and then I can talk myself through the worries!!

  2. Christine

    I definitely am a worrier!! Sounds simple but when I feel that stress is bubbling up, I just try to remind myself to breathe. Sometimes I forget 🙂 I love that last image and saying. Yes, we are enough.


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