How to Survive a New Group Ex Class


Trying anything new is always indimidating.  I was inspired to write this post as I went to my normal saturday Bar Method class, and about half the class was new.  I used to be a group ex instructor and have been new to so many classes that I’ve picked up some tips to help ease those first day jitters.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early to Class.

This way you can have plenty of time to check in, find the locker room etc.  I’m really bad with directions, so whenever I’m trying out a new place I get there extra early so that I’m not stressed out and rushing in.

Let the Instructor Know You are New

Instructors are generally there early and can give you some insight on what equipment you need for the class and the general format.  Also if you have a specific injury, let them know ahead of time that you may need modifcations throughout class.

Don’t Hide in the Back

You want the instructor to be able to give you quick feedback and that is going to be more difficult if you are in the back where he or she can barely see you.  I know you won’t want to stand front and center, but try the 2nd row. And if there’s a mirror, make sure you can see yourself.

No One is Judging You

If it’s a tough class, people are going to be more concerned about themselves making it through than anything.  Focus on yourself and how you feel.  Look around and you will see that no one is looking at you.

It’s Okay if you can’t do Everything

It can take a little while to get used to the flow and specifics of a class.  Don’t be hard on yourself the first day, do what you can and listen to your body.  If something feels painful, then stop.  If you feel like you need a water break, then take a break.  Remember this is new to your body, so let it get acclimated gradually.

Keep It Simple

Don’t try any advanced options the first day of class, really focus on your form.  It’s better to start small and build up, than try an advanced option and end up doing it wrong or hurting yourself.

Lastly, Have Fun!

Smile.  You pushed yourself, tried something new, and survived!


I hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far! I’ve been able to do my normal routine of sleeping in, working out, and grocery shopping.  We’re heading over to a friends house tonight for a Halloween party and am doing some last minute touches on our costumes…..I’ll share the final results tomorrow!

So this is slightly random, but I need to share what I found when doing some blog reading this morning……A PUMPKIN KEG!  So cool!!! Courtney at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life wrote a post about how to make it.  Just awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time before our party tonight, but maybe I’ll remember that for next year 🙂

Going to any Halloween parties this weekend?

Any more tips for being a newbie to a group ex class?




2 thoughts on “How to Survive a New Group Ex Class

  1. Moe

    Great group ex tips, especially “arriving early”! I’d also tell someone to bring water, especially if it’s a class that will get you sweating.

    And I LOVE the pumpkin keg idea! Definitely will have to check that out!! 🙂


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