…..And I’m Off…..

I wanted to write a quick blog post before we take off on our trip!   I won’t have consistant internet access when we’re away, so I’ll be away from the blog for a couple weeks 😦  Our flight leaves tonight at midnight.  I usually go to bed at 10:00 during the week, so I’m hoping I can fall asleep easily.  I usually have a hard time sleeping on planes, but after a busy day at work and finishing up last minute errands I might be really good at it this time!

I was playing on Pinterest tonight after finishing my packing and stumbled upon these lovely traveling ladies…….

I wish this is what I looked like tonight as we head to the airport …..

After 2 days in New York, we are heading on to Europe and the rest of our trip.  I’m a huge people watcher, so I can’t wait to just hang out and observe my surroundings and take it all in.  I know I’ll come back with lots of blogging material about fashion and fitness trends from the different cities we visit.

I’ll be back soon!


Do you get dressed up for the airport?

Can you fall asleep easily on planes?


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