Staying Fit When Traveling

The count down is officially on: We leave for vacation in about 27 hours!! Woo hoo! I haven’t taken a long trip like this since our Honeymoon, so needless to say I am ready to get away! (nice rhyme) My packing is about 90 % finished, and I’m taking a break from it now so that I can blog!

I made sure to get in a long run tonight because I know I won’t be able to exercise as consistently when we are away. But I WILL be working out. My husband will not want to be around me if I’m not able to just a little ๐Ÿ™‚

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!” – Elle Woods

(picture source)

Lol. This is one of my favorite quotes and it’s so true! Now for me, vacations are at time for relaxing, indulging, sleeping, and eating. (Ahhh that sounds so nice) But, there’s no reason to put exercise on the back burner completely. Here are some of my tips:

Explore your City: Walk, Rent a Bike, Go Kayaking or Paddle boarding if the option is there. Be creative. These are probably the best ways to tour your city.

Packing: This is a no-brainier, but pack your workout clothes. I like putting them on, so that I see them right away and can leave them out as a reminder. Also bring a resistance band or jump rope- doesn’t take up much space.

Timing: If you have an hour of down time hanging out in the hotel room, use it wisely. Why not do some push-ups, wall sits, or crunches?

Remember you are on vacation: Relaxing and enjoying yourself should be your first priority- that’s why we take vacations, right? Give yourself a break!

Here’s the cities we are going to see!


Nice, France


Munich, Germany


Rome, Italy


Okay these pictures just made me that much more excited. I’m going to go finish packing!



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