My Passport Is Ready…..

Hi Bloggers! I apologize for being slightly MIA this past week! Life has been busy! Work has been crazy busy and I’ve been madly getting ready for our Europe trip!

Trying to fit all my stuff into 1 suticase for 2 weeks is already a struggle! I’ve always had the problem of overpacking, even if it’s just for 2 days. So, I started packing early to see if that would help and I’m already running into trouble. Lol. This is what I feel like………..


One of my “things” is that I hate checking my bag. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that all my stuff is with me at all times, especially traveling abroad. I’m actually lucky that I’ve never (knocking on wood right now) lost any of my luggage. I’ve heard horror stories from people and I think that overtime that has me freaked out. And well, charging for a checked bag is not cool, so that’s another reason I’m not budging. 🙂

So, we are going to 4 different countires and the problem is the weather isn’t the same in all of them. On one end of the spectrum, Dublin is supposed to be 55 degrees and raining- and on the other end- Rome is supposed to be in the low 80’s. This means I can’t just stuff my suitcase with flip flops and sundresses unfortunately. So far I have 2 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of shorts, 2 sundresses, a maxi skirt, and probably way too many shirts. I’m having a hard time narrowing down how many light cardigans and/or light jackets to bring. And, as much as I love wearing my pretty heels, I don’t think they will be super practical in Europe since we’ll be walking a lot. Right now I think I’m going to just take one pair of flats, 2 pairs of wedges (light and dark) and one pair of flip flops. What do you guys think?

Our first flight is a red-eye and I want to be somewhat ready for the following day so my plan is to wear this to the airport. (Sorry the pic. quality isn’t the best, but it’s just a tank and a grey maxi skirt)

I can wear a little cardigan over and it’s pretty comfy so I’ll be able to fall asleep!

And here is my current suitcase situation, I’ll make sure to take an updated picture on Tuesday when I have it perfectly ready 🙂 (I’m hoping at least)

Do you have trouble packing or knowing what to bring?

Do you have any packing tips? Please share, I need help. Ha!

I’ll be back before we leave with another fitness related post. 🙂




5 thoughts on “My Passport Is Ready…..

  1. ladylighttravel

    Actually, I just posted an article on packing for multiple climates:

    Also, I would suggest a capsule wardrobe with clothing pieces that can be swapped and layered.

    Sorry, I normally don’t leave links. But in this case the answer is a little too big to put in a “relpy” box. I hope you’ll forgive me! I know that you can absolutely do this in a carry on.

  2. ladylighttravel

    I just realized that with 2 links my post might get caught as spam. I’m not trying shameless promotion here, but the answers to your questions are over on my blog. I just did a post on traveling in multiple climates. I also did a post a few weeks ago on travel capsule wardrobes. I think they will help.

  3. Michael

    My packing strategy, which has brought me much joy and travel pleasure, is – when in doubt, don’t pack it. Should you miss something – we have shops in Europe, too. Whatever you miss, you can just buy new here. Will get you a nice and practical souvenir as well.


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