The Mat Workout

Not having  a gym membership is no excuse to let your fitness level decline.  In fact,  there are PLENTY of routines that you can do at home to stay in shape.  I don’t belong to a gym and haven’t in over a year and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.  If you have been reading some of my other workout posts, you know that I am slightly obsessed with at-home workouts, especially circuit workouts.  This type of workout is great if you are short on time, and want to burn tons of calories.  Since most of these workouts are timed, you can challenge yourself and try to do more repetitions each time.  The more you put in, the more you can get out.

Have you ever used a yoga mat as resistance during your workout??  Give this workout a try, all you need is a yoga mat, a timer, and some water.  To track your progress, tally how many repetitions you can complete of each exercise and watch those numbers increase in time.

I have included some pics below of the exercises included in the circuits.

Complete each exercise for 1 minute and repeat each Circuit 2x.

After finishing Circuit 3, Complete the last 2 exercises for the grand finale! 🙂

Want to increase the difficulty?

Add in 2 minutes of Cardio in between each Circuit. (Examples: Jog in place, Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Star Jumps etc., this will keep your heart pumping for sure)

Circuit 1:

Form Tips: Mountain Climbers keep back flat and abs tight throughout.  Triceps Pulses: Keep arms straight and pulse arms up and down in 2-3″ inch motions. Squats: Don’t let knees go past your toes and keep them tracking in line with ankle and 2nd toe.  Press mat straight out in front of you at chest height.

Circuit 2:

Form Tips: Jumping Jacks: Keep the pace up and press mat overhead every time you jack your legs out. Staggered P-ups:  Try at least 1 from your toes.  Switch arm that is elevated on mat the 2nd time through the circuit. Toe Touches: Keep legs straight and reach arms up to toes, squeezing your glutes, and trying to lift your bottom off the ground. Don’t let momentum take over.

Circuit 3:

Form Tips: Skaters: Ditch the mat for this one.  Keep butt low and core tight throughout. Lunge: Same with squats, keep knee stacked on top of ankle, not past your toes- focus on your front quad lowering you down and pressing you back up (shouldn’t feel all the work being done in the calf of your back leg). Press mat up as your straighten your leg, switch legs for the 2nd time through the circuit. Dips: Keep arms close to your side, bend elbows straight back (not just lowering your butt), and keep your bottom close to your mat.

Don’t forget to finish with a 1-Minute Plank and 1-Minute High Knees!

Phew all done! 🙂

Do you like circuit workouts?

Do you exercise at a gym?

Exciting news- in ONE week the hubby and I will be going on a 2-week vacation in Europe. I’m so excited and am so ready to get away from the daily routine and see some new places.  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take A LOT of pictures!!  I’m literally counting down the days and have already started packing early, ha!

Alright, off to eat dinner with the hubby and have a glass of vino!



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