Listen to YOUR Body!

I’m not someone that needs to be motivated to workout, or one to make excuses not to workout. I have found that I am on the opposite side of the spectrum, in that I don’t always give my body much of a break, and I keep pushing it when I don’t need to. With time I have learned that listening to my body each day is the most important thing. If I feel like I can workout harder or run faster, then I do it. If I can only make it to mile 6 instead of mile 10, then so be it- I’ll run 10 miles next time.

I learned this the hard way in college when I tore my ACL. At the time I was playing in some adult co-ed leagues and being me, I hated missing workouts. I still remember that day I was feeling sick that morning, but I didn’t want to skip. So needless today, since my body wasn’t 100% in it, I took a misstep and hurt my knee. I definitely missed some workouts for a long while after that. Going through this injury and the long rehab process, I learned that skipping one or two workouts is way better than not being able to run for 3 months!

Now I ran into trouble with this same problem again when I started training for races. Some of the first training plans I followed wanted me running 5+ days a week. I tried to do this, but my body hated it. Towards the end of the week running felt like a chore and my body was tired, sore, and run down. I decided to cut down to 4 days a week and it made such a HUGE difference. WMy training runs were more effective and I felt like I had more energy for the long runs. Even when I was Marathon Training, I ran no more than 4 days a week, and it worked for me.

Right now I workout about 5 days a week with a mix of running, barre classes, and at-home circuits. And tonight I did a quick sprint workout and it felt great. I got a good sweat on and now I’m relaxing on the couch. 🙂

Here’s what I did:

What are your workout routines?

How many days a week do you run when you are training for a race?

Do you feel guilty when you miss a workout?

Until Next time! -M


2 thoughts on “Listen to YOUR Body!

  1. Brittany @ Read, Run, Repeat

    I feel HORRIBLY guilty when I miss a workout – I actually become really stressed about it – to the point where I have worked out at 8:30-9:00 PM just to get it in 🙂 I’m trying to do better with realizing that life happens, and it’s okay to have to miss one!


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