So I tried to stand up after watching football for a few hours this afternoon and it was not pretty.  My legs especially feel super stiff and also like they weigh 100 pounds each.  Lol!  I’m thinking my body is telling me to take a break.  I’ve been working out consistantly the past 4 days, and I went to Bar Method (which is AMAZING and I will dedicate a post to very soon) this morning and my body is done! This is how I felt:


It got me thinking about the continued debate in the fitness world about what the actual cause of muscle soreness is and what we can do about it.   One of the biggest myths out there is that Lactic Acid is the culprit.  I remember learning about this in my Exercise Physiology class in college and I was intially so surprised.   Lactic acid actually washes out of our muscles within 30 min-1 hour after exercise, and since DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) doesn’t show up for at least 24 hours later, researchers are still on the search for another explanation.

The most accepted idea right now is Skeletal Muscle Damage- meaning you cause microtrauma to the muscle fibers.  The swelling and inflammation can build up days after a workout, which is why muscle soreness may be worse TWO, THREE, or FOUR days after a workout.

Here’s some treatment options that I’ve tried at some point in my exercise career:


Ice Bath

Anti-inflmmatory Medication


Topical creams or Sports Balms

Low Intensity Exericse (slow walk for example)

So what did I do today?  I took a slow walk down to the nail salon and got a manicure and a pedicure. Ha. That worked for me.  I’ll probably do a light 20 minute jog tomorrow evening and make sure to stretch afterwards. 🙂 And then hopefully I will feel like this:


How do you deal with Muscle Soreness?? I’d love to hear other tips that may have worked for you!!

I have an awesome week ahead of me: Hubby’s birthday is on Wednesday and Thursday night we are going to Vegas for a couple days. I cannot wait! Have a great Sunday evening everyone! XO


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