Motivation & Kick your Butt Circuit

Hello All!

I read an awesome post this weekend from Kacie at “Savvy Sassy Me” & it got me thinking more about how we all can get caught up in doing what other people want, and not listening to our inner voices.  Such a simple concept, but can be easily forgotten. I know I need a reminder every now and again!

For me, it all comes back to why I started this blog.  I have been an avid blog reader for about a year now and was just too overwhelmed and scared to start my own.

Will people read it? Will they like what I have to say? (or care?)


I found this quote on Pinterest last month, and it was about a week later that  Fit Girl in a Pretty World was born!  I have always enjoyed writing and even more so when it comes to anything fitness.

So I’m happy to say that I’m offically a blogger! Whenever I’m having a tough day or am feeling confused, I re-read all my pinterest quotes, and that seems to relax my mind.  Here’s another one of my favorites:

Onto the workout, here’s a quick (and effective)  full-body at-home cirucit.  And again, all you need is yourself, a stopwatch, and some water.  It’s easy to do in between shopping sprees, brunch dates, or cocktail hour.

Off to watch some College Football with the Hubby!



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