Strong Arms & Weekend Fun

Ahhhhh, 3 day weekends make me so happy.  I feel like I’ve had enough time away from work that I’m not stressed about going back tomorrow. Hooray! We had some company in town which has been great, and now I’m happy to chill on the couch and eat a home cooked meal! Before I get to the workout, I want to share some pics of our weekend.

Hanging out at the Santa Monica Pier

At Manhattan Beach!

Our view from at Brunch. Amazing.

Breakfast champagne with a rose petal on top, don’t mind if I do.

Eggs Benedict, my absolute favorite.

I feel pretty lucky that I live in such a beautiful place.

When guests are in town, it can be pretty tough to keep up with exercising.  I was able to squeeze in a quick 30-minute jog on Saturday AM before we headed out around town.  This morning I wanted to do some arm work, but was still pressed for time, so I created this circuit below.

You can do this workout anywhere and don’t need any equipment as well (my favorite type of workout).  As you will learn eventually, I love push-ups.  They are such a fantastic exercise because anyone can do them (can modify them to your knees, at a wall, or at the side of a couch), AND they work your chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I don’t think an arm routine is complete without them! 🙂 Don’t worry, the entire circuit isn’t ALL p-ups, but I just wanted to explain my love for them.  I always recommend trying to perform the p-ups on your toes, even if it’s just 1 or 2-that doesn’t matter.  Challenge yourself and before you know it you’ll be doing all p-ups from your toes. 🙂 (Make sure you ALWAYS keep your core tight and back flat, so if your form is being compromised go down to your knees). I called this workout “Jello Arms” for how they felt after I had finished……

Form Tips:

Diamond P-ups: Make a diamond shape with your hands keeping your thumbs and pointer fingers touching so that your hands are right underneath your chest.

Dips: Keep elbows pointing directly behind you, and elbows grazing your sides. Make sure you are bending your elbows, not just dropping your butt to the ground.

Planks: Shoulders stacked on top of hands. Keep core tight.

Triceps P-ups: Begin in normal p-up position, but instead keep elbows close into your body (like dips)

Inch Worms: Beginning standing, walk hands down at your feet and out into a plank position, then walk hands back to feet. Repeat.

Arm Circles: Standing with arms straight out to the sides, make tiny circles forward not letting arms drop in height. Repeat with circles backwards.

Army Crawlers: Begin in High Plank Position on hands, drop down to forearms, then press up into High Plank again and repeat. (these can always be performed on your knees as well as up on toes).

 If you are feeling super strong try going through the circuit 2x.

Hope you all like the workout.  I’m off to the couch with the hubby and a movie…..

In my next post I’m going to share my workout playlist. Stay Tuned! 🙂


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