Run in the Sun

Happy Sunday Bloggers! I love the weekend 🙂

First off I want to thank the few people I’ve interacted with already through blogging.  The sweet comments are really encouraging and make me feel less nervous about blogging.  I’m still learning as I go- but it’s been a great journey so far. So THANKS! This weekend I bought myself a “blogging notebook” to carry around with my as much as possible to keep my thoughts organized and in one place.

Cute right?

Onto my hot run……..



This is my first summer living in Southern California.  Being from Seattle, I’m used to running in rainy and cloudy weather. It’s been SO great not having to wear my rain gear on my runs- I don’t think I’ve touched them since we moved.

But with that said, I’m not used to running in the heat. I decided to go on a 4-miler yesterday at 2:00 pm. Not the smartest choice. Half way through I could feel my face turning beat red and I felt sluggish. I wasn’t prepared and the run was not that enjoyable. I definitely know better, but I blame it on being a Seattle girl- not used to the sun yet. 🙂

Here are some “exercising in the heat” tips I will remember for next time:

-Decrease the exercise intensity until your body gets used to the heat

-Drink water (16 ounces) 2 hours prior AND ideally, 6-8 ounces every 15 minutes

-Wear a hat to keep the sun off your face

-Try to exercise early or later in the day to avoid peak sun hours

-Take a cold shower before you head out

Here’s a picture of my amazing view during my run. It can’t get better than this, seriously!  Ps. I adore Instagram!


Random tangent- I need to share my awesome find at Target today…..


$22.99 by Mossimo! So cute & I adore the color! I feel like this is something that you can dress up or down easily- Wear it tucked into a skirt or pants, wear it with jeggings/skinny jeans and some flats, or wear it over your bathing suit and shorts on a beach day!

Thanks for reading blogger friends!


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