Exercise at 38 Weeks Pregnant

This will likely be my last post before I’ll have 2 kiddos under 2 at home. Oh boy! We’ve been super busy lately keeping up with Charlotte plus trying to get ready for the little man’s arrival (as ready as we can be).

I’m happy that I have made it this far into the pregnancy- (I had Charlotte and Declan at 34 1/2 weeks). Baby boy is definitely growing, but oh man I am starting to feel real uncomfortable. The last couple weeks is rough, especially when you already have a kid!! It’s way different than the first pregnancy when I could nap or sit down when I wanted to!

Sleep is getting tough, showering, getting dressed and picking up Charlotte is a lot of work! So, let’s just say I’m happy to have him here and not in my belly anymore!:)


 I never got around to getting any maternity pictures done with my first pregnancy, so we did a few this time and it was fun having my little love join in!




Little Miss has no idea she’s going to be sharing my attention real soon. Ha- should be interesting! Thankfully, Damon has 2 weeks off work and then my mom will be in town after that so I’ll have some good help the first month!



Besides being able to sleep normally, I’m seriously craving a good workout. Like a good cardio, HIIT routine or a long run! Oh man, that sounds glorious!! The hubby is currently training for a 1/2 marathon and I’m so jealous. Of course I’ll be released to exercise again when it’s starting to get real hot and toasty here…..so that’ll be a shocker to the system.

It’s tough as I was just getting back into running shape and then found out I was pregnant again when Charlotte was about 6 months. So, I’ve had to slow it all down just when I was beginning to ramp back up. I am lucky that my doc has still okayed me to walk and take modified Pure Barre classes. As long as I’m not pushing myself too hard and I’m staying hydrated, he said I can go for it! Honestly it’s hard having to take so many breaks to catch my breath and just feeling overall fatigue. Like I wake up in the morning and my legs just feel heavy….probably has something to do with carrying that extra weight around! I’ve cut my walks down to about 15-20 minutes and I took Pure Barre only 2x last week. And don’t get me wrong, my barre classes are super modified, but it still feels good to somewhat move my body. These last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to balance resting but letting myself move around as I won’t be able to for another 6 weeks!!

I don’t really have a point to get to so thanks for listening to me ramble on and on- ha!

Mommas: Were you Exercising the last few weeks of Pregnancy?

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


My Hospital Bag Checklist

Hello there! Alright we are on the 1 month countdown to baby boy’s arrival! OMG. A good friend of mine was due May 1st and ended up having her little bundle 3 weeks early, SO I am extremely motivated to get that hospital bag packed!!

Luckily we will be having the little guy at the same hospital so I’m familiar with what I need and don’t need. Of course I will always overpack, but better to be too prepared than not, right?!

Pinterest has a ton of hospital bag checklists to follow and I used this one to get me started!

hospital bag


If someone asked me what the few essentials would be, I’d say:

Sleeping Mask/Ear Plugs– People are coming in and out of your room constantly so sleep will be minimal, but these do help)

Towel from Home– The hospital towels are so old and thin and I feel better about using my own towel from home versus a shared one. #yuck

Sandals for the Shower– Reminds me of those college days living in the dorms, ha!

Now for the fun stuff!

Below are some items that aren’t totally necessary but will make the hospital stay a little more comfortable…….and why not spoil yourself a little bit, you just had a baby!!

This Robe Though….



So cute right?! I ordered one in light blue and figure it’ll make breastfeeding easier in the hospital and at home!


Not that we are really going to be paying attention to the tv much, but it’s nice background noise. I packed Friends and Happy Endings. My favorite comedies.

happy endings


Snacks From Home

Yes the hospital has food and snacks, but it’s nice to have exactly what you want with you!





One thing I’m still on the search for is a button up Sleep Shirt! I’ve spied some cute ones from Victoria’s Secret. I figure these will be good for nursing and they look very comfy!




Anything you would add to the list?

What was an essential item for you at the hospital?

What Keeps Me Sane as a New Mom

I know, 2 posts in less than 2 weeks? What is going on here??

Charlotte is finally transitioning to 1 nap which gives me a longer chunk in the middle of the day to clean, relax, cook, read, oh and blog too!:)

Today I wanted to share the top 3 things that keep me sane a New mom and a SAHM?!

Mommy Podcasts

Before having my daughter, I never listened to podcasts…..or even knew how to! I don’t like having the tv on during the day and can get tired of the same Pandora stations so most days I listen to at least one podcast.

Coffee and Crumbs Podcast

Coffee and Crumbs is one of my favorite blogs, I think I’ve been following it for about a year. And they just launched a podcast last month. Yay!


The blog (which the podcast will follow) is a collection of stories contributed by various authors about any motherhood topic under the sun.

The Girl Next Door Podcast



Aren’t they just too cute? These ladies are actual neighbors (love that) and chat about parenthood highlights struggles and everything in between. And always over a good cocktail!

You can listen to their podcast here :)

Mom Friends

Especially ones with children the same age as yours!:) When my pediatrician told me to start sippy cups, the first thing I did was text my mom friends and ask their advice. It is incredibly comforting and makes you feel less alone having friends that you can talk to or ask about anything. Or just to vent to when your child isn’t napping or woke up at 5am.:)



Amazon Prime

For real, I don’t know how mommas survive without it! I don’t want to drive to Target every week and there is always something my hubby needs, I need or we need for Charlotte. The convenience is just so wonderful…..I don’t know what I did before Prime! Ha!



Once baby boy comes in May, I will be adding Wine to this list I’m sure!😉

Alright there is more to add to this list. If you are a mom, what keeps you sane??

Life Lately

Hello Blog Friends!

Once again it’s been hard for me to keep up with this little side of the internet lately! But I’m here now so that’s all that matters, right?

I can’t say that there is anything new going on here. Charlotte has been all over the place crawling and pulling up to stand so I basically chase her around all day. I’m thankful for playgroups, stroller strides and Gymboree to keep me sane.:)

We celebrated her first birthday a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe I have an actual 1 year old. People tell you it goes by fast, but you never really believe that until you are in it!




I know it’s all going to go by so much faster once the little guy is here. We are less than 2 months away and that just blows my mind. I’m coming up on 33 weeks this weekend.  The nursery is slowly coming together and I’ll be sure to share some pics once it’s all done.

I’m still teaching some Strides classes 2x a week and working front desk at the Pure Barre studio and hoping I can keep that all up as long as I can. I’ve noticed I am getting out of breath more often and sleep is starting to get more uncomfortable especially in my hips, ugh! But other that those minor complaints, I am feeling good.


Charlotte snuggles are still the best!


Okay now that she can wear pigtails, I feel like she looks so grown up!

What did you do for Easter?

Are you reorganizing any rooms in your house?

29 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe it took me this long to do another pregnancy update! I’m now officially in the 3rd Trimester, OMG. Time is flying!

29 weeks

I spy a cute little photo bomber!

I passed my Glucose test last week, so that takes some worry away! Apparently if I had failed that test, I’d have to do a 3-hour one. No Thank You!

So, let’s see what the little guy is up to (all info is from TheBump.com )

  • Baby is as big as an Acorn Squash, measuring 15.2-16.7 inches
  • Baby weighs 2.5- 3.8 pounds
  • The little guy could triple his weight before birth (oh man)
  • Baby is growing white fat deposits under his skin which can lead to a surge in energy
  • Baby could also begin hiccupping
 My Symptoms?
Overall, I don’t have much to complain about…besides the typical feeling tired and constantly
hungry.  I do notice I’m getting out of breath quicker and my back feels tired at the end of
the day, which I can attribute to lifting and chasing after Charlotte. She’s probably going to be
walking in the next month-ish so that’ll be interesting keeping up with her when I’m 30+ weeks
I’ve still be able to take Pure Barre Classes 2-3x a week, which is always feels SO great. I am
having to heavily modify abdominal work and obviously do plank and push-ups from my knees.
But besides that, I can go through arms, thighs, and seat with no problem!
I’m just thankful I can still get a good workout in.  The last month I have really
missed running, especially since I was just getting back into it after the last pregnancy. I plan on
taking classes as long as I can and of course listening to my doctor if he says I need to stop. And
of course I’m still taking the dog on walks- I’m sure they are slower than she would like but it’s
better than nothing!:)
We are in the process of getting that organized. I have some wonderful friends that have
donated tons of boy clothes to us, so the little man’s closet is filling up quick!
The theme for our nursery is Vintage Sports. (Not shocking, if you know my husband).
I found some really cute prints from Etsy and can’t
wait to hang them up!
vintage sports
Cute, right?
We still need to find a changing table, changing pad, and some other little décor things for the
nursery. I’m going to try to get away with not buying a dresser and using some bins in the closet
for socks, hats, pants, and pajamas. Hopefully that works!:)
If you are currently pregnant or have a kid, what was your nursery theme?
Have a great Thursday!!

A Baby Free Weekend

Hello Blog Friends!

It’s been a busy month and I’ve neglected the blog a bit, per the usual!:)

A couple of weekends ago, The Hubby and I went to Austin for an adult weekend! This was the first time we’ve left her for more than 1 night!! Of course I missed her and checked in on her often, but it was good for us to have a baby free weekend….and not have to carry the diaper bag around for a couple days.:)

This was my first time visiting Austin, so I was excited to check out the city! We got in around dinnertime the first night, so we dropped off our stuff at our rental house and headed out to eat!


I’m seriously always craving Mexican food…cheese and meat, mmmmm!

We found this cute Tex Mex restaurant and I think I ate an entire bowl of queso before the meal arrived. Oops.

After dinner, we walked around a bit and found this cute rooftop with an awesome view of the city. The hubby had some drinks and I sipped on my water before I was back in bed by 11 (which is really late for me!!)


Luckily we woke up to some sunshine!!


I’m obsessed with local coffee shops and was happy we found this one. Mozart’s Coffee is located on Lake Austin and has a huge patio outside- (it’s close to the UT campus so there were a lot of college kids taking over the tables studying). Luckily we found a spot in the sun and took our time people watching and drinking our morning coffee. I love mornings like that. And when did college kids start looking so young?!

After our coffee date, we headed over to South Congress Street to walk around. Since the weather was so gorgeous, we wanted to be outside as much as possible! We found a cute little farmer’s market and walked around there for a bit!


There are food trucks galore in Austin- seriously everywhere. I think you could get away with eating all meals from a food truck!


This one was by far my favorite! Yum!

For dinner that evening we went to the Laundrette. It is tucked away in the middle of a neighborhood and was converted from an old laundromat. Super cute and good food.


 The next morning, I was anxious to get back to Miss Charlotte, so we stopped by one more coffee shop before we hit the road.


I love all the fancy lattes!

Of course the weekend went by so fast and we were reunited with this cutie pants before we knew it!


I’m busy enough with teaching Stroller Strides, working at Pure Barre, and keeping up with Charlotte…..well I decided to add something else to my plate! This month I started as a consultant for Rodan+Fields, which is a skincare line created by the two doctors that founded ProActive. It’s been overwhelming, exciting, scary but also really fun so far! {And don’t worry, this blog won’t turn into a Rodan+Fields marketing blog}, I just wanted to share what else is going on in my life and keeping me busy!

I use the products myself and really enjoy them so it’s easy to get behind this company!:) If you are interested or know someone that would be feel free to check out my site listed below. There are products for anything and everything!


Alright blogger friends, that is all for now….hope to be back soon than later with another pregnancy update, I’ll be 28 weeks this weekend!!

Have you taken any weekend trip lately?

Any cities you would like to visit?


Marielle’s Musings

You know when have a long list of “To-Do’s” and finally have time to tackle them? And then you do nothing of the sorts? Yea that was me today and right now. I always plan to go through my to-do-list when Charlotte naps, but sometimes I find myself just doing nothing. (I.e. scrolling through Instagram)

But I digress….today I’m sharing my random thoughts of the week with you sweet blogger friends.

{Beware, this post is all over the place}.:)

I Don’t Like Almond Milk

I finally admitted this to my husband the other night and his response was “yeah of course, it’s gross.” Lol. I like adding in something simple and healthy into my diet on the regular. I’ve gone back and forth with almond milk and kept trying to tell myself that “it tastes just like regular milk.” Ya, it doesn’t.

Babies Require A Lot of Stuff

It’s like I’m taking Charlotte on a two day vacation when we go on a playdate and then to the grocery store. My goodness. Teething toys, paci’s, a blanket, a bottle, extra diapers, wipes, & an extra outfit. No wonder it takes me so long to get myself and her ready to go somewhere.



I’m Ready for Spring

I think I say this every winter, but living in LA definitely spoiled me. I can handle cold weather for a couple weeks, but now I’m ready for wearing flip flops shorts and bright colors again. Meh, I think I have a little ways to go. Granted Texas is known for having bipolar weather, so I’m sure we’ll get some random 70 degrees days coming up soon. At least I hope so!

I’m A Slow Reader

I’ve been reading the same book now for a little over a month. It’s not the book’s fault I’m reading so slow, it’s me. By the time I’m at the point in my day when I can sit or lay in silence, it’s 9pm. That’s dangerously close to my bedtime. I think I’m averaging like 4 pages a night. I hope to finish the book sometime before summer. Ha.

Planning a 1st Birthday Party is So Fun

And overwhelming.

Who knew so much can go into a first birthday celebration? The party theme, photo albums, guest books, goodie bags etc. Now don’t let me fool you, mine won’t be that extravagant, but I will incorporate some cute decorations for the little princess.

Here’s some things I’ve been perusing on Pinterest and Etsy.



Cute, right?

Those are my random thoughts for the day, thanks for following along!

Do you follow at To-Do List?

Do you have any random thoughts/opinions this week?