3 Things!


Charlotte is now a successful crib sleeper. {Fist pump and applause}

After a couple of nights, she figured it out….much quicker than I thought.  She’s been falling asleep for the night around 9 and will wake up between 6 and 7am. Yay! We’ve come a long ways from waking up every 3 hours to feed.


Picture quality isn’t the best here (sorry), but little miss squirmy pants will inch her way down to the bottom of the crib by the morning. The Rock ‘N Play sure doesn’t let her do that, ha!


We will be on vacation so soon! I love living in Texas, but I am very ready to get out of the heat! It’s not awesome to go on a walk in 90 degrees weather at 8pm.  I’m packing my running shoes so I can run along the beach path just like old times. Ahhhhh, I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

Packing with the little one is a little more complicated than just packing my own suitcase. Charlie sometimes goes through 3 outfit changes a day, so it’s hard for me to estimate how many onesies to bring and I’m already a notorious over packer (I think most women are, right?)  Luckily we will have a washer & dryer where we are staying so I’ll fit what I can in my suitcase and just plan on doing laundry a few times!


Little Miss will be styling at the beach!


There is a new Pure Barre Studio in town, which means it’s a 5 minute drive from my house! Woo! If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you already know how obsessed I am with barre classes. I hope to teach someday, so having a studio  close to home makes that much more doable! Once I’m back from vacation, I’ll post a little studio review!



I’ll be back after vacation!! Thanks for reading! ~M

Catching Up

Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to update you all on what’s been keeping me busy lately!


{It’s mostly this girl}

The Crib


Okay, I said I would update everyone our progress…..

I’d say we are about half way there, {lol}. She’s been pretty good once we put her down at night, but will wake up (more than once) whining for her pacifier. Ugh. As you can see in the picture above, it is stuck on her cheek.

Last night, I put her back in the Rock N’ Play after she woke me up twice, so that we could both get a couple hours of sleep.  Oy! Its a work in progress!

Stroller Strides

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching these classes is that we have to be creative when writing up the workouts. We need to keep those kiddos entertained all while giving the mommas a great workout. We’ve played games like Simon Says, Tag, and Red Light Green Light…all with an exercise twist. Fun stuff!



 California Trip

Our vacation is quickly approaching…….we leave NEXT WEEK. Ahhhh!

I am so ready for a change of scenery, to visit the beach, and to get out of this 105 degrees weather. Don’t worry Charlie has more than one cute swimsuit she will be showing off in the sand! Wish us luck on the plane please!!



Hubby and I joined a kickball league once a week. Haha. Good times.



One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to read more books. I figure that is a better use of my time (and brain) instead of scrolling social media. I’ve read two other books by Jodi Picoult and loved them….always a quick read. I just started this one last week and am already 70 pages in!

New Blog

I know I haven’t shared much about our angel son, Declan, on this site. I decided to create a separate blog dedicated to him….I didn’t know how to combine the two and thought this was the best way to make both work. Check it out if you’d like!


Alright, that’s all for today friends! Have a great Wednesday!! ~M

For the Love of Planks

Since getting back to teaching group fitness classes, I am realizing how much I incorporate planks into the workouts!  Besides the fact that they are excellent for core and shoulder strength, there are also so many ways to switch them up!

Below are 5 Variations of the Basic Plank!

Plank Jacks



To Modify: Take out the jump and step each leg to the side and back to mid-line one at a time.

Up and Down Planks



This exercise is SO awesome for shoulder stability. To modify, perform with knees on the ground.

Side Planks



This can be performed with the arm straight or on the forearm. Lifting the top leg is an added bonus :)

Side Plank Crunch



Who thought you could do crunches while holding a plank?!

Plank with Hip Swivels



This variation is a great way to challenge your obliques, and again your shoulder stability.

I’d love to hear some ways that you like to switch up the regular ‘ol plank! Please share in the comments below! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! ~Marielle

My Favorite Podcasts

Hey Hey!

This week is already flying by for me because the hubby took Monday off from work!  It’s amazing how one day can make such a difference. We had company over the weekend, so it was nice to have yesterday to just chill at home.

We are also beginning to transition Charlie into her big girl crib. Now that she’s sleeping about 6 hours a night, we figured it was a good time to finally start the process. Eeek!

Well, I tried to have her nap in there today and she wasn’t having it. Every time I went to check on her she was wide awake and then she spit up all over her sleep sack. #fail


Once I changed her I put her back in the Rock N Play… and this happened. Naturally.

rocknplaySo, we have some work to do! Lol.


Since I’m home everyday, I’ve been listening to more and more Podcasts. I love Pandora Radio, but I was getting a little bored of music all the time! Today I wanted to share what I’ve been listening to.

Here are my favorite three (so far)!

Serial~ I’m sure you have at least heard of this podcast. It blew up last year and for good reason. I finished this one in about a week. It investigates a murder trial and without giving much away, there are a lot of holes in the case. I heard there is going to be a new serial podcast this fall, can’t wait!



Stuff You Should Know~ These podcasts cover so many random topics like “how color works” “how street gangs work” or “what’s the deal with blood types?” Always fun to learn some random trivia, right?



The Longest Shortest Time~ This podcast covers various topics related to childhood and parenthood. The last episode was an interview of a man finding out his 21 year old daughter was pregnant. Good stuff.


 Do you listen to Podcasts?

What are your favorites?
Please share in the comments below!

Later Friends! ~ M

10 Minute Barre Arms

Hello, hello!

Today I wanted to share a quick at home arm workout! Since I can’t make it to a workout class everyday, I’ve been doing quick routines that can be done in between Charlie’s naps.

You all know how much I love barre workouts so naturally this is a barre inspired routine. It doesn’t take long to get that burn! :)

Use 3-5# weights and perform 1-3x through


Below are some detailed exercise explanations.

Side to Side Dips- Perform a regular dip but tap your bottom side to side as you are bending and straightening your arms.

Double Front Raises



Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your arms are straight. Raise arms up to shoulder height and lower back down to things. Make sure the movement is slow and controlled. *To increase the challenge, add some pulses when your arms are raised at their highest point.

Bicep Curls



Arms are in a wide V position with elbows lifted off your body. Perform a tiny bend and straighten of your arms.

Arm Circles


Relax the upper shoulders and perform tiny circles forward and back.



With your arm straight at your side perform a tiny lift up and up.

Plank With Hip Rocks



Alternate dipping hips side to side while in plank.


Totally off topic, but who’s watching the Bachelorette and what are your thoughts now that it is nearing the end?! I have been feeling a little blah about this season…and I mean, really the show has been on long enough. Yet I still watch it and my husband complains. I don’t really LOVE any of the guys but Shaun seems like a good guy. We’ll see how it ends.

My all time favorite season was the Jason, Melissa & Molly season….gosh was that 5 years ago or more??  Funny enough, I met Molly at a Pure Barre event in Seattle a few years ago…she was so nice and sweet!! And that my friends is how I tie in the Bachelor and Barre. Boom!

THE BACHELORETTE - ABC's hit romantic reality series, "The Bachelorette," kicks off its 11th season continuing the surprises of this season's "Bachelor" with the biggest one of all: there will be two Bachelorettes. One is Kaitlyn, the gorgeous, fun-loving, warm-hearted, but irreverent firecracker who let down her guard only to have her heart crushed. Who will the men prefer? Eventually, only one woman will be left to hand out the final rose. “The Bachelorette” returns to ABC, premiering MONDAY, MAY 18 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)


Do you watch reality tv?

What are your favorite shows?


Returning to Group Fitness

Starting in July I will officially be back to teaching group fitness….yay! I had a hiatus the last couple of years and have really missed it. I’m thankful to have the opportunity and even better, Charlotte gets to come with me to class!


She’s pretty stoked about the whole thing.

Through Fit4Mom, I’ll be teaching Stroller Strides and occasionally Fit4Baby classes. I’m super passionate about pre/post natal fitness, so I am very excited to be a part of this company. Since I’m already certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), I only needed to pass an online exam to become certified to teach. Yay!


Fit4Mom programs include Stoller Strides, Stroller Barre, Body Back and Fit4baby. So many fun classes to choose from no matter what stage you are at in your pregnancy or mommyhood. (Type in your zipcode and see if there are any classes in your area)

A unique component to Stroller Strides is designing a workout that engages the kids as well as giving the mommas a kick butt workout. The workout is a little more than just cardio and strengthening, we sing songs and play games with the little ones.  I love the creativity involved and know there can’t be any way I could get bored teaching this class.


When we moved to Dallas, I had every intention of finding a stroller fitness class that I could take and eventually teach. Such a great way for moms to get out of the house, get back into exercise, and not having to worry about a sitter for the kiddos.



 I started taking classes in January and fell in love with the workout as well as getting the chance to meet moms in my area. Each Stroller Stride location holds weekly Meetups and playgroups, all free to join! These are wonderful if you are new to a city or just want to meet people in your area! We’ve gone to a few meetups, Charlie is usually sleeping through them, but soon enough she will be able to participate!

I’m finishing up my team teaching the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be officially on my own. Woo! I’m glad they aren’t making me rush back into it too quickly as I’m feeling more confident with everything each week. I’ll be sure to report back after teaching my first class!

Have you ever taken a stroller fitness class?

Do you like to workout with your little ones?

Thanks for stopping by friends! ~M