Flexibility Training During Pregnancy

Hello, hello!

I finally have a few spare minutes to get back on the ‘ol blog train! It’s been super busy with visitors and traveling back and forth to the NICU each day.

Thankfully, the little one is doing great and gaining weight so she should be home in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait!!


This is my favorite picture so far of Charlotte, she loves bath time obviously! I can’t look at this picture and not smile (or laugh). Ha!


Onto stretching…..and boy oh boy, I’d say these stretches feel just as amazing during pregnancy as they do afterwards!


Remember during pregnancy it’s important not to push the stretches too much as our ligaments and joints are more lax due to the hormone relaxin getting us prepped for giving birth. The stretch should be pushed to very mild discomfort and always stop if anything is painful!

Below are video links to the Stretches listed above!

Pec Doorway Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Calf Stretch

 Are there any Stretches you’d add to the list- Pre/Post Partum?

Do you Stretch daily?

A Bittersweet Week

We are so excited and thankful to introduce our newest family member, Charlotte!


She came into the world on March 9th, earlier than expected, after my doctor was unable to find a heartbeat on our baby boy.

As you can imagine our emotions have been all over the place. She’s still at the hospital to get a little bigger, she’s a tiny little thing, but is doing great and just needs more time.

We are trying to focus on the positive and are so thankful we have her!

Cordskinz Review

 Disclaimer: I received complimentary products in exchange for a blog review. The review is my own opinion.

If you are like me, getting my headphones all bunched up during my workouts is probably the most annoying thing ever! I’ve tried a variety of headphone brands, yet it still happens! Argh…the struggle.

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Cordskinz to try out their newly launched product to resolve the tangled earbud issue. I figured “sure, why not?”

The skinz are basically little sleeves that fit over your headphone cords to keep them from getting tangled up. Genius!



And as luck would have it, I received some Pink Skinz!


I was a little confused at what the heck I was supposed to do with them when I first opened the package, but their home page shows a quick youtube video on how to esemble them.

Now of course I’m not running right now, so I will have to test these babies out a little more once I’m able to ramp up the exercise intensity. But I’ve used them on my walks with miss Paisley and was surprisingly pleased, no tangled mess!

My only gripe is that you have to cut the cords and fit them to the current pair that you own and have to make sure to cut around your volume buttons…….that was a little tedious but not a huge deal…I am just lazy. ;)

Cost? Only $9.99….no too bad!

Also, check out their social media channels if interested:  Twitter and Facebook

Do you have issues with your headphones getting tangled up? Found any solutions?

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

32 Weeks

It’s getting down to crunch time you guys, yikes!! At my last appointment the Doc said that on average twins come at 36 weeks and we won’t go past 38 weeks. Oh man, about a month left…babybump


Here’s what the babies have been up to this week:

  • They babies are now the size of a Squash.
  • They both weigh about 3 3/4 pounds and are 16.7 inches long. Definitely taking up more space!
  • I will be gaining about 1 pound per week and half of that goes to the babies!
  • They now have toenails, fingernails, and some real hair.


Here’s what has been going on with me this week:

Total Weight Gain: Not sure, I’ll find out at my next appointment.

Stretch Marks: Nope :)

Sleep: It has defnintley been broken up a little more. I always wake up once to use the restroom and sometimes to eat some cereal….those babies are hungry!!

Best Moment this week: Seeing the nursery almost all finished, we just need a couple more little things and we are ready….well technically anyways. :)

Workouts: Been slowing down a lot more the past couple of weeks. Still been walking miss Paisley daily, but at a much slower pace (which I’m sure she hates), and did my prenatal barre DVD at home a couple times.

Movement: I’m feeling more rolling types of movements than kicks, probably because their space is getting a little more cramped.

Food Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary this week- cereal, milk, smoothies, and Queso….YUM!

Sick or queasy? Nope, thankfully!

Miss Anything: Being able to get up from sitting or lying down easily, wine, and not feeling so tired!

Looking forward to: Completely finishing up the nursery and my next prenatal appointment!

Being the planner that I am, I started packing my hospital bag so that will be one last thing to worry about when the time comes. I’ll share the deets once it’s all complete. I loved picking out their going home outfits….so fun!

Well that’s all on the pregnancy front for now….I’m enjoying my last month of quiet time and freedom but getting more excited for their arrival :)

For the momma’s out there, what did you pack in your hospital bag?

Anything you could or couldn’t live without?

As always, thanks for stopping by! ~M

Friday Thoughts

Happy Happy Friday!

I couldn’t pin down an exact blog topic for today so I thought I’d share some random thoughts as we head into the weekend.

The Bachelor

Please tell me some of you are tuning in this season??! (Yes I’m 32 years old and still watch this show…..I just can’t look away)

But anyways, I’m glad Britt is finally gone.  She stuck around longer than I thought considering I don’t think she had much in common with Chris (he probably just thought she was hot). And c’mon, there was no way this Hollywood girl was going to be happy living in Iowa…just no way!


I’m hoping Chris and Whitney end up together. I really liked her from the beginning and I’m glad she’s still around, so I’ll be rooting for her the next couple of weeks!


The Oscars

This is my favorite awards show to watch and this year we’ve seen almost all the movies, which makes it that much more fun! And of course, I can’t wait to see the Red Carpet event and admire and/or laugh at the dresses! So many good movies out this year, but I’m pulling for American Sniper!



Being pregnant is quite exhausting, especially the last couple of weeks. There’s no way I’d be able to be working right now and I’m so thankful I’m not. I nap once a day no matter what and still sleep about 8 hours a night. Trying to take it easy and listen to the ‘ol body. It’s tough for me to slow down and take it easy, but my body is definitely letting me know!

New Yoga Pants



I finally got a new pair of yoga pants and I am obsessed. If you haven’t tried on any pants from Beyond Yoga, you must….they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. Good thing they are cute because they will probably be part of my daily outfit once the babies are here.

That’s all from me! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Do you watch any Reality TV shows?

Are you tuning into the Oscars this weekend?

Bodyweight Blast Workout

Good Morning All!

I was meaning to post this last week, but somehow the days are getting away from me! I will blame it on pregnancy brain :)

I love no equipment/bodyweight workouts mostly because you can do them anywhere (at home, in a hotel room, at the park etc.) and you don’t need a lot of time. I really miss being able to do plyometric exercises and I know they will kick my butt once I’m back at it.

Repeat the routine 2-3x and make sure to drink some water and rest in between circuits. Enjoy!



Below are some links to some exercises that may not be super familiar to you.

Inchworm Walkouts


Army Crawlers

Double Leg Lowers

Straight Leg Hip Lifts

Are you a fan of bodyweight workouts? Do you like lifting heavy weights, or both??

Recent Pinterest Finds

Happy Wednesday All!

Today is a very exciting day……

My Pure Barre studio is hosting a “bring on the men” class tonight AND my hubby is actually joining me! HA! (side note: the man has never done yoga or pilates, so this will be completely new for him!)

It only took 2 years of me bugging him about it.  Another couple (and one of hubby’s best friends) is attending class too, so I think that helped to convince him. :) For one, I always enjoy working out with husband and two, I want him to have a better appreciation of barre classes and maybe he’ll gain an insight into my slight obsession with them. I’ll be sure to share about the experience!

pure barre


source, source


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what I’ve been loving on Pinterest. This is still my favorite ‘social media’ site and I constantly get lost on it for hours…..ooops.

(All images are taken from my Pinterest page)







blairsunday swimsuit


Do you love Pinterest as much as I do?

Has your significant other joined you in one of your exercises classes before?


Later Friends! ~Marielle