3 Ways to Boost Your Mood

With the busy Holiday season upon us, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out with Christmas shopping, holiday parties, family gatherings, decorating etc.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find some time alone to relax and regroup. And if you are anything like me, then you NEED some alone time! If that isn’t readily possible, try some of these tips below to de-stress and boost your mood!


Buy Some Fresh Flowers
I don’t know what it is about the bright fresh colors but anytime my husband or I bring them home, I can’t help but feel a little happier. {Anything that is the color pink helps too!}



Light A Candle

A good smelling candle or diffuser has always been calming to me. My favorite of late is the volcano Capri Blue candle (or diffuser). I can’t get enough of that smell. They are all over my local pure barre studio, so I have become obsessed. I bought a diffuser for Charlotte’s room and we have a candle out in our living room.



Listen to Music
I listen to a lot of Pandora stations throughout the day and my current go-to’s are James Morrison and Vance Joy for relaxing music.  I usually have some music playing when I’m getting ready in the morning.



Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

What are your go-to way’s to de-stress during the Holidays or in general?

Oh Hello There Blog!

Hey Hey!
Well I have managed to not post at all in November…until today. Yikes. I will partially blame this on the fact that little miss Charlotte has decided to not sleep as regularly, so my creativity has been a little zapped! I miss writing and having the time to write so I’m glad I made some time to do it today!

This post is a little all over the place since I haven’t blogged in a bit so bear with me. ;)


{She says: “Me not sleep?? No waayyyyy!!”}

I feel like it is officially winter here in Texas. It’s been chilly and gloomy the past few days. Womp Womp. I am glad it has cooled down, but the lack of sunshine this weekend has made me feel very blah! (Living in California has forever spoiled me) Since the weather is getting cooler, I’m trying to get in at least 2 runs a week until it gets too cold outside. I’m still loving my Pure Barre classes, Barre DVD’s, and Tone it Up Workouts when I’m exercising indoors.


I know I don’t talk much about cooking or nutrition on here, as I’m still a newbie but it is something I’m trying to get better at. Trader Joe’s has always been one of my favorite grocery stores. When I lived in California, there was one literally 5 minutes away so I could shop there every week. But now the closest one to me is a 20 minute drive- not horrible, but not super convenient. So, I get excited when I can go!

If you are a Trader Joe’s shopper…check out this book, it’s been my most used recipe book! (I’m not getting compensated to say this, I really like the book!)


The Holiday season is upon us, whether we like it or not! :)

I have to say, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- when there is a day dedicated to eating large amounts of food with family and/or friends~ you just can’t go wrong! But I’m also a sucker for Christmas decorations, music and movies. My friend sent me the above picture and don’t judge me BUT some of these dates are in my calendar so I don’t miss out!

And with that, I’m off to tend to this cutie pants.


I’ll be back sooner than later! Thanks for stopping by!


What is your favorite holiday?

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s?

The 10-Rep At Home Workout

Well, to say I have been slacking off on my blogging is an understatement. Yikes. I swear I will get back on a more regular schedule soon! But in the meantime, I’m sharing a quick at home workout with you lovely people!

This is something you can easily squeeze in before all of the Halloween festivities…..And no exercise is greater than 10 repetitions! Can’t go wrong!

Happy Halloween everyone!!


What are your Halloween plans?

Did you get in any workouts this weekend?


What’s New?

Well, it’s October and it’s still 85+ degrees.

Needless to say, my boots are still in my closet. Not that I’m complaining about wearing flip flops most days, because that is quite nice.

So, what’s new around here?

Little Miss Charlotte is officially 7 months. I can’t believe it, that means she is getting closer to turning 1. OMG.


Paisley and Charlie are not besties yet, but I think Paisley is warming up to her a little more.


I did something athletic recently! It is amazing how much faster I can run without pushing a stroller and controlling a dog! Yay!


The race was through put on by Team Mercy, which is a non profit organization supporting the siblings of infant loss. I think that also helped me get a little more kick in my step that morning.


I took a front desk job at my local Pure Barre studio! It’s fun, close to home, I can wear yoga pants to work, and gives me a little more adult interaction. :)


 That’s all I have to report! I’m looking forward to dressing Charlotte up for her first Halloween and taking her to a Pumpkin Patch!

What’s new with you?

What is your favorite October activity?

The Current Questionnaire

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a survey. I love reading blogger surveys as it gives a different glimpse into their lives.

I found this particular survey from the Sweet and Strong Blog.

Current TV Show: I’ve always been a Real Housewives girl and the OC is my favorite, so that has been my go-to lately.  My hubby is not a fan so we don’t watch that together. So, I’m looking forward to the new seasons of Modern Family and the Leftovers that are starting up soon! {Those we can watch together}



Current Exercise: I bought a new member special at my local Pure Barre studio, so I’m trying to get in as many classes as possible during my unlimited month!

Current Indulgence: I stumbled upon {found on yelp} a cute coffee shop in my neighborhood that I visited for the first time a few weeks ago. I ordered a vanilla latte and they were out of vanilla, so I was offered a Salted Caramel Latte instead. Um hello!  Not something to have all the time, but definitely a fun treat!

Current Nail Color: Right now, nothing. Bleh, boring! I’m in need of a manicure and pedicure! Bring on the bright pink and reds please.

Current Wish List: Since I’m a stay at home mom and a fitness instructor, I live in yoga pants and comfy shirts.

I’ve been eyeing these two for a little while~


Sweet T’s Design Shoppe

So cute, right??


Emi-Jay Apparel

As a frequent barre enthusiast, I think I need this shirt!

Current Bane of my Existence: The constant sweating! Now don’t get my wrong, I really love living in Texas, but I am so over the summer. Bring on the 70 degrees temperatures please and take the humidity away!

Current Link: I can’t pick just one, so I will share two!

  Scribbles and Crumbs

Coffee and Crumbs

{Apparently I have a thing for crumbs, ha!}

The first site is written by Lexi, who is another loss mom and she documents her journey through the grieving process. She’s an excellent writer and I always look forward to her latest posts!

Coffee and Crumbs is a collaborative website about motherhood with categories ranging from Pregnancy, New Mom, Perceptive, Miscarriage, Marriage, Working Moms and everything else in between!



Now it’s your turn!

What is your current………. Exercise? TV Show? Indulgence?

All About the Bulu Box!

I just love getting mail. Whether it’s something I ordered from Amazon, a magazine, or a thank you note~ I get a little excited anytime I walk to the mail box. Subscription boxes seem to be popping up everywhere nowadays with categories ranging from jewelry, beauty products, clothes and even dog treats! I love the idea of getting a surprise in the mail each month!

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to sample and review a health & nutrition subscription~ the Bulu Box!


A Bulu Box is a subscription box custom designed specifically for you, containing 4-5 samples of health or weight loss products. {You can also earn reward points  just by sharing your opinion on the products!}


In my box I received:

Medierra Bars: I am SUPER picky with my snack bars. I have tried almost everything out there and usually don’t like the healthier options that much (go figure). I was seriously surprised about this one. I sampled the Pistachio & Honey flavor and it was so yummy! The Seasame base reminded me of granola. I haven’t seen these at the regular old grocery store yet, but I’m going to look for them the next time I head to Whole Foods. I’m a little hesitant about the Black Olive & Walnut flavor, so I will probably stick to the Sesame based flavors. :)

Pure Charge Nutrition Protein & Quest Protein: Chocolate flavored protein powders have always been my favorite. Whenever I make a protein shake, I mix in yogurt, almond milk and fruit. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference between the two products, granted I mix in so much goodness so that could be why! :)

Pocket Protein: This product will be great to sample when I’m upping my endurance training, like training for a half marathon.  Since I’m not, this isn’t something I feel like I would use on a daily basis.

Ips Chips: These were great- very light and crunchy. I ended up eating the bag a little quicker than planned. I feel like that always happens with chips like this. I sampled the White Cheddar flavor and would probably really love the Seat Salt flavor!

Choice Organic Teas Mental Focus: I’m not a big tea drinker, but I wish I was because I know it’s healthier than coffee! This flavor was yummy, but I don’t have the urge to necessarily search for it at the grocery store!



If you are interested in trying out a box, please use the code SWEATPINK at BuluBox.com to receive 50% off a 3,6, or 12 month subscription.

Follow BuluBox on their various social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest !

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review, all opinions and thoughts are my own!

Do you receive any subscription boxes?

Do you look forward to checking your mail everyday?

Have you sampled any new health or fitness products recently?

My Fall Reading List

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and enjoyed some time with friends and/or family!

We ended up BBQ’ing with friends Saturday and Sunday night. I didn’t eat the healthiest over the weekend, but it’s since it’s a Holiday I figure it’s all calorie free, right??? ;)

This weekend also kicked off the start of College Football! I can’t believe it! I must say Charlie looked adorable in her Washington State gear cheering on her daddy’s team.



This girl has a lot of football watching in her future!


We also took Charlie to church for the first time this weekend! She did a good job and I only had to leave to change her diaper once, so not too bad.

Now onto the meat of the post……my Fall Reading Wishlist!

The first two books are more self-help/self discovery type books, which I have always been drawn to.  You can usually find me reading two books at a time, one fiction and one non fiction. A little weird, I know, but this way I always have a book to go to depending on my mood!!

Rising Strong, Brene Brown



I have heard of this author more and more lately and I think I will really love her stuff. This book delves into human struggles and how we come out of them with courage and bravery. I think I will really like this one!

Carry On Warrior, Glennon Doyle Melton



I think this one will be important for many people to read. With social media nowadays, it is hard to not compare our lives that perfect pinterest photo or fashion blogger’s perfect outfit. This book focuses on letting go of our constant striving for perfection in friendship, marriage or motherhood.



Now onto my fiction book choice! Kate, Amelia’s mother, believes that her15-year old daughter committed suicide, until she receives an anonymous text saying “Amelia didn’t jump.” This one sounds similar to Gone Girl, so I will probably breeze right through it!

Thanks for stopping by friends!

Are there any books you are reading right now?

What did you do over Labor Day weekend?