15 Minute HIIT Workout

Happy Friday everyone!!

Can you believe it is already Memorial Day weekend? Anyone have big plans? Ours is going to be pretty low key consisting of BBQ’ing, hanging out with some friends and being lazy at home. My kind of weekend.

Now, onto the workout………..

HIIT (High intensity interval training) routines have been all the rage lately and for good reason. These types of workouts include any variation of intense work alternated with less intense work or rest. Tabata is a type of HIIT workout. These workouts are efficient, can be performed without equipment, and the high intensity helps your body to burn more fat. With that said, let’s get started……

You will need a stopwatch, yoga mat, and water for this routine.  Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 30-60 seconds in between sets.

Repeat the circuit 2-3x. And get ready to sweat…I know I was!


Do you enjoy HIIT workouts?

Do you like to workout at home?

Enjoy the long weekend friends!

Thinking Out Loud

Hello Friends and Happy Friday!

The days all kind of blur together, so it is rare that I know what do it is. I’ve had lots of random thoughts running through my head for a blog post this week and since I couldn’t think of one theme, this will be a random post.

And here we go!

Chrisley Knows Best is Coming Back!! (cue the applause and cheering)



I think I’m a little too excited that this show is coming back. I laugh out loud almost every episode, I don’t know if it is the southern accent that makes everything seem so much funnier or what. Please tell me I’m not the only one that watches this show??!

My New Favorite Snack


These are so good. I love chocolate and I feel less guilty about eating these instead of a candy bar. I think I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. I blame that on the fact that the bag is so small.

Home Cooking


I finally tried out Plated this week! I first heard of this food delivery service on Shark Tank and was always curious to try. Basically, you choose a meal and they send you all of the exact ingredients you need along with cooking directions. It’s not something I would do on the regular cause it is a little pricey, but it is definitely something I’d do again when I’m feeling bored with my cooking routine. My meal didn’t turn out exactly like the picture, but close enough right?!



Okay, I must admit I don’t think I have done any yoga since maybe September or October? Oy! The last class I took was at lululemon with a girlfriend in LA. So it’s been awhile. I know my body needs something a little calmer and relaxing since getting back into the workout routine. And as luck would have it, Tone it Up posted a new yoga video last week. Loved it, my body appreciated it, and it made me miss living near the beach. Waaa.

Cute Charlie

I can’t have an entire post and not share a picture of Charlotte. She says Happy Friday to you all!


Oh and I need to find this shirt. Seriously!!


What are your weekend plans??

What are some things that you are loving lately?

Thanks for stopping by friends! XO, M

Body After Baby Thoughts

First of all can we talk about how in the hell anyone looks like this after giving birth??

Because I did not!



Changing out of the hospital gown was way too much effort for me the first 24 hours. And wearing heels? Forget it! My feet and ankles were so swollen that I could only wear flip flops. Thankfully there weren’t photographers and fans waiting outside for me to leave the hospital!

I documented some of my “bump pictures” throughout the pregnancy but haven’t had the urge to document it postpartum. Mainly because I don’t want to put some ridiculous pressure on myself to loose all the baby weight right away and look super fit and toned.


The most I have jogged has been 2 miles and it feels like 6 miles.  My dog is also out of shape so we are building back up together, lol. I have a ways to go with getting my endurance back. But it feels wonderful to get out there and sweat again, I missed this so much the last 5 months.

My abs are also shot. Like seriously I think they disappeared. I didn’t know I could shake so much while doing a forearm plank. ON MY KNEES. Oy!

I still have a little baby pooch and feel a little impatient to get rid of it. But you know what? It is what it is! It is seriously amazing what our bodies go through and how they change to create and grow a life.

 I try to eat relatively healthy and have always incorporated exercise into my life. While it is important for me to get back into shape, it isn’t my number 1 priority right now.

This little munckin is. A happy and healthy Charlotte!



No more pictures MOM!

One of the main reasons I love exercise is HOW I FEEL during and afterwards. Of course I want to have a toned body (who doesn’t) but it isn’t all about the aesthetics. I like the time that is just for myself, to sweat, and to feel my muscles working.

I am learning now it’s best for me to take everything one day at a time and not put unnecessary pressure on myself.

This is how I have been feeling most days!



The baby snuggles make it all worth it!!

Do you feel like your body bounced back after baby?

What are your thoughts on postpartum body image?


The Return to Exercise

Hello Friends!

Sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve been able to blog.  I haven’t had much inspiration the past few weeks and have been busy with the little one.

And speaking of the little one, this is my new favorite picture of her. <3


Charlotte is officially 6 weeks, which means my doctor  released me back to exercise. Woo hoo! Exercise is a huge stress release for me and it’s been tough physically and mentally not being able to do anything besides walking. Although I respect the healing that needs to happen after a C-section, the last week I have been very anxious!

Earlier this week I took Char to her first Stroller Strides class! I took the class when I was pregnant, so it was fun to have her with me this time. I’m actually going to be teaching starting in June and I can’t wait. I plan on writing up a post soon explaining more about the Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides programs…..they are amazing to say the least.


 Charlotte was a perfect angel and slept the entire time, I’ll enjoy this while I still can.


I made it through class modifying any jumping activities and taking it easy on any core work. Oh and I took A LOT of water breaks throughout. I plan on going to class about twice a week…it’s quite the production getting myself and her out the door in the morning!

I also did a Pop Physique DVD this week at home and was able to rest whenever I wanted :) To ease back into the exercises, I did the arm section without weights and did about half of the abdominal section.


(I love having my little workout buddy with me)

It honestly just feels great to get my muscles working again and get that heart rate up a bit. The doctor took my weight at my appointment this week but I didn’t ask what it was. I honestly don’t care. I know I have some weight to lose but I’m not going to get caught up on a number…I’m just trying to enjoy moving my body again and making sure to get enough rest.

What was the first exercise you did after giving birth?

How do you modify your exercises when coming back from an injury or a long hiatus?

I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for the sweet messages and comments regarding the loss of our little boy, Declan. I’m not planning on going in detail about this on the blog, so that’s why I haven’t mentioned it much. We are taking it day by day and thank you all for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers. xo

Recovering after a C-section

Well we are a little over a week out with the babe at home and I must say I’m not AS tired as I thought I’d be (knocking on wood right now). Somehow my body is getting used to sleeping in 2 1/2 hour chunks throughout the day. Never thought I’d say that!

Here’s some pics from the past week…….

mechar Snuggles on the couch are the best!


We ventured out a whole mile from our house for coffee over the weekend. Char slept the entire time, score!


The baby model pose.


My Easter Basket this year couldn’t get any cuter. :)


Onto how I’m recovering physically from my C-Section….

I must say the first week REALLY sucked. I hurt every time I coughed, laughed or sneezed. Getting out of a non-hospital bed was a struggle and I walked like a hunchback. I don’t understand people who say “I felt fine 2 days after.” Umm what? That was not the case for me!

Right now I’m just over 3 weeks out and I feel really good. I don’t think about or notice my incision much at all.  I’m at the point where I’m out of the initial pain stage, but my scar isn’t super strong yet so I still need to take it easy. I hate this part. :( But in a few more weeks I’ll be getting back into a “normal” exercise routine, so it’s not too far away!

So what does a C-Section entail?

There are two incisions involved in a C-section- one in the abdominals and one in the uterus. After the baby is removed, the uterine cut is repaired with stiches that dissolve under the skin. The abdominal skin is also closed with stiches or staples. Eek. I hope you weren’t eating your breakfast while reading this part….guess I should have put up a disclaimer!

For me, the actual procedure was easy and happened so fast.  It also helped having my husband sitting next to me talking the entire time. The longest part is the prep leading up to the actual surgery. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure, no pressure- nothing.

Below are 3 Exercises that have helped me in the Early Stages of Recovery:

Walk, Walk, Walk!  My doctor said I can walk all I want, just as long as I don’t feel like I’m straining or if I feel pain in my incision. I have been religiously walking once or sometimes twice a day. Besides it being beneficial physically, it is also helpful mentally being able to get out of the house! My doctor wanted me up and walking ASAP after surgery, but make sure you always follow your doctors specific orders.

*The next two exercises I began performing when I was about a week out and my pain had lessened. Remember to never push yourself if you are experiencing more discomfort, these should be completely pain free*

Abdominal Draws This exercise helps to activate your deep core muscles, which is the foundation of core work. Abdominal draws can be performed in supine (on your back), standing or sitting. To perform, pull your belly in towards your spine like you are zipping up a tight pair of pants. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat 10x. Make sure you can breath regularly and carry on a normal conversation. If not, you are pulling in too hard and not using the correct muscles. Practice this when you are lifting the baby or doing laundry at home so it becomes a habit.


Scapular Squeezes

I always heard how posture was such a big deal pre and post pregnancy and now I understand first hand! It is impossible to not be forced into a forward posture position the majority of your day~ whether you are holding your baby, lifting your baby, nursing, and pumping along with other household chores.

I have definitely noticed some increased back discomfort for all of these reasons. The scapular squeeze is another muscle activation/awareness exercise that can be performed in seated or standing. To perform this exercise, simply relax your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades together as if you were going to squeeze a pencil in between them. Do not squeeze as hard as you can, you just want to feel the muscles activate.


I follow up with my doctor in another two weeks, then I should be released back to normal exercise. I can’t wait. I know it’s going to take me awhile to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy but I’m ready to tackle that challenge. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! ~M

 Have you had a C-section?

Any tips you’d share?

Some Good News

Our baby girl came home with us over the weekend! Hooray! Hooary!

Not to brag, but a week earlier than anticipated. :)




Thankfully, she was only in the NICU for 2 1/2 weeks, and now I truly feel for people that have babies in there for months. Ugh, so emotionally and physically exhausting. Now I really feel like I have a baby, instead of just visiting one at the hospital each day.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and things are obviously way different than we imagined them to be but at the same time we feel lucky to have such a cute little girl at home.

 And Paisley finally got to meet her little sister!


You can tell in Paisley’s eyes that she is a little suspicious of our new family member. The poor dog had NO IDEA what she was and every time Charlotte would make a noise, she would whine. I don’t think Paisley slept much this weekend either.  We know it’ll take time and hopefully they will become best buds.

I’ll be back soon to share some more updates on our daily routine and once I’m released to exercise again, what that looks like.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Flexibility Training During Pregnancy

Hello, hello!

I finally have a few spare minutes to get back on the ‘ol blog train! It’s been super busy with visitors and traveling back and forth to the NICU each day.

Thankfully, the little one is doing great and gaining weight so she should be home in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait!!


This is my favorite picture so far of Charlotte, she loves bath time obviously! I can’t look at this picture and not smile (or laugh). Ha!


Onto stretching…..and boy oh boy, I’d say these stretches feel just as amazing during pregnancy as they do afterwards!


Remember during pregnancy it’s important not to push the stretches too much as our ligaments and joints are more lax due to the hormone relaxin getting us prepped for giving birth. The stretch should be pushed to very mild discomfort and always stop if anything is painful!

Below are video links to the Stretches listed above!

Pec Doorway Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

QL Stretch

Calf Stretch

 Are there any Stretches you’d add to the list- Pre/Post Partum?

Do you Stretch daily?